The Journey of Becoming a Catholic Sister


Formation is a process of preparation for young girls who express interest in joining the Institute. On a broader note, every Sister is under formation through on-going formation till death. The stages of initial formation include aspirancy, postulancy, novitiate, scholasticate, and temporary profession.

Each stage of formation entails keeping the young girls in a house designated for formation for them to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning the rudiments of Religious Life according to our Institute, and discernment. We have formation houses in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

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1. Formation

S/NoFormation HouseNo. of PersonsTotal for One YearIndividual Sponsorship -AnnualMonthly Average Contribution for Sponsorship
1Juniorate, Nigeria257$50,000.00$200 (Partial Scholarship) - one aspirant $1500- full sponsorship$20 - Partial Sponsorship
$125 - full sponsorship
2Juniorate, Mombasa, Kenya238$50,000.00$200 a Year
$1500 - full sponsorship
$20- Partial Sponsorship
$125 - full sponsorship
3Postulate, Nigeria45$108,000.00$2400 - a postulant$200
4Postulate, Ghana8$19,200.00$2400 - a postulant$200
5Postulate, Kenya4$10,000.00$2500 - a postulant$200
6Novitiate, Nigeria20$40,000.00$2000 - a novice$170
7Novitiate, Ghana6$20,000.00$3500 - a Novice$300
8Novitiate, Kenya8$25,000.00$3200 - a novice$270
9Amawbia, Awka35$105,000.00$2500 - A Sister Scholastic$200

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