Becoming a Sister

Religious Formation is the process of becoming more and more a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is that process that brings about a transformation which affects one’s entire being towards the life of Evangelical Counsels. It is equally a period of mutual discernment.

It divided into two major parts: Initial and On-going Formation.

The Initial Formation is made up three stages: Aspirancy, Postulancy and Novitiate

Aspirancy – This program is designed for young women who seek admission into the Religious Life but have not yet all the required material. Programs like Re-union and Live-in experience are means of instruction and reaching out.

Postulancy – A two and half-year period during which the candidates learn to live the common and spiritual life of the community. At this period also the genuineness of the vocation is mutually discerned.

Novitate – A two-year program of seclusion, which offers the candidate the opportunity to grow towards an ever-deepening holistic maturity.  This period culminates in the public pronouncement of the vows of Chastity, Poverty and obedience.

On-going Formation- Formation is a life-long process. Hence this stage offers continuous programs to help the religious remain in constant union with God amidst the challenging busy apostolic life.

For more information, contact the vocation Directress.

You may also choose to fund the training of a nun. Contact us for more details.

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