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COVID-19: IHM Sisters’ Response

We are all Affected.

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, all over the world are offering prayers for the healing of the land and for an end to this pandemic. We are directly serving affected families, offering food and grocery shopping to families and vulnerable adults. We are offering water to the homeless in Chicago, IL.

In Africa, we are constructing handwashing stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Tchad, Benin Republic, Kenya, and Uganda. All our healthcare staff is working full hours and more. All our hospitals are open. We are offering free hand sanitizers and other supplies to the public.

Donate to enhance our grassroots participation in offering hope and enhancing life in the midst of this pandemic.


Help stop coronavirus

1. HANDS-Wash them often

2. ELBOW-Cough into it

3. FACE-Don’t touch it

4. SPACE-Keep safe distance

5. HOME-Stay if you can

For More info, visit:

Do you know any family that needs food supply, a vulnerable adult who needs grocery shopping or anyone needing help in Cook County or Stephenson County in Illinois? Contact the IHM Sisters Philanthropic Development and Mission Office for help.

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